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I am using to write automated regression test for a webapp. As cypress doesnot support multiple tabs, I am using cy.request() as a workaround to test the response. However, I am having issues related to unauthorised access. At first, I thought it was related to cookies. However, as stated in the documentation of, the tool seems to take care of the cookies. What could be the other potential issues that might be creating the problem? enter image description here Below are the screenshot of the responses

enter image description here

Автор: Suraz Adhikari Источник Размещён: 08.11.2017 11:59

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It may very well be that you have to perform some sort of authorization against the server in a beforeEach-function in your test suite.

Your question is not very well phrased: You should support your conclusions and your thinking with more data and examples, possibly about what framework the webapp is built with, what platform you are on, which version you are using, what kind of data are you trying to get etc.

And, please, embed the pictures instead of linking to them.

Автор: vages Размещён: 09.11.2017 10:52
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