How can I FTP(SSL) into a private AWS S3?

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I have an AWS S3 Bucket holding a development website. I would like to FTP(SSL) into the S3 Bucket, and also be able to create username and password credentials for others. Is this possible, and how can I do this?


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Before giving up on S3 remember that sometimes frustration with a new product or technology comes from lack of knowledge and experience. The Amazon Cloud platform has some amazing services to work with.

FTP is an old technology that is not as popular today. The new style is using REST interfaces. S3 supports REST. Also you can easily copy files to / from S3 using command line tools. Look into the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). Link below.

If your goal is to use S3 as your source repository look into AWS CodeCommit. Very similar to GIT. There is also CodePipeline, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy. Combine these tools with other Amazon services such as CloudFormation and you have real developer power.

AWS Command Line Interface

AWS Code Services

AWS CloudFormation

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