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I'm trying to figure out how can I switch between multiple ClearCase regions without going and modifying the ClearCase properties every time.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Even in the latest ClearCase 9.0.1, changing the region does involve changing the ClearCase properties: see "Assigning a Rational ClearCase host's registry and region".

What you can do (if you don't want to fully switch region through registry/properties) is take advantage of the -reg/-region option for some command.

See for instance cleartool lsview -reg newtwork-region: you can list views of other regions without changing your current one.

But that remains limited to listing resources (Vobs, Views).
Once you are using commands within a view (lscheckout, checkout, ...), said commands are expected to work within the current region.

You might need to consider registering (cleartool register) a view from another region into the registry of this current region.

The alternative, as mentioned in the comments, is to modify the registry, as with this Javascript program REGION_SWITCHER.js from 2005.
Source code.
It modifies:

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