SSIS: how to handle a quote-qualified csv file with quotes inside quotes


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I'm working in SQL Server 2008 R2. I have an SSIS package that imports a csv file into a table. The given csv file is quote-qualified. Because the file is quote-qualified, in its corresponding flat file connection, I specified Text qualifier = ". However, the import fails because of a particular row in the file. The given row has quotes inside of quotes. For example:


The package throws the error:

The column delimiter for column <> was not found.

I still want the row (and rows like it) to be imported. How can I handle this in SSIS?

Автор: skyline01 Источник Размещён: 08.11.2017 11:15

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You can't do it with a flat file source.

You can write a custom script (either a complete script task or a script source component), or you can import it with BCP and a format file.

Автор: Tab Alleman Размещён: 09.11.2017 01:25
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