Why is the process being terminated after my code runs? Process returns 255

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I am new to pointers and creating linked lists. The code is only a part of the entire thing. I tried to make this part simpler for testing and debugging but I still can figure it out. Can someone help me figure out with the process is being terminated after it executes the given code?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <math.h>

#define SPADE "SPADE"
#define CLUB "CLUB"
#define HEART "HEART"

typedef struct Card{
    int value;
    char suit[10];

typedef struct BagNode {
    Card* card;
    struct BagNode* next;

int main() {

    BagNode* head = NULL;
    BagNode* tail = NULL;

    const char* suit = SPADE;
    int value = 6;

    if(tail == NULL)
        printf("add funct works\n");
        BagNode* newNode = (BagNode*)malloc(sizeof(BagNode));   // allocate space
        newNode->card->value = value;                                  // assign value
        strcpy(newNode->card->suit, suit);                      // assign value
        head = newNode;
        tail = newNode;
        printf("added cards\n");
        BagNode* newNode = (BagNode*)malloc(sizeof(BagNode));   // allocate space
        newNode->card->value = value;                                  // assign value
        strcpy(newNode->card->suit, suit);                      // assign suit
        tail->next = newNode;
        tail = newNode;

This is what the output looks like:

add funct works
added cards

Process returned 255 (0xFF)   execution time : 6.898 s

Why is it returning 255?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

**note: I'm writing in C

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My guess is that when you're doing


card is a null pointer, so assigning a null pointer's member a value is what is causing your program to crash

Автор: adrotter Размещён: 08.11.2017 11:11

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C pointers are trouncing you my friend :) Your program is crashing because you are accessing a pointer that you have not initialized, so the object it is supposed to point at does not exist.

Remember a pointer is just a reference to an object. In your case, you first tell us that card is a pointer to a Card object, here.

typedef struct BagNode {
    Card* card;
    struct BagNode* next;

But remember that you have not yet told us the location of the actual Card object Something like

Card mycard;
newNode->card=&mycard;//pointer equals to address of mycard


newNode->card=(Card*)malloc(sizeof(Card));// works because now there is an actual memory location pointed at.

In short, the pointer is pointing at a non existent Card!!!

The moment you try to access this non existent Card, the program crashes


The easiest solution is to change the definition of your struct such that card is the actual object not a pointer

typedef struct BagNode {
    Card card;//actual object not the pointer to an object
    struct BagNode* next;

Then use it like this


Or else you can initialise your card pointer with the address of a card object before trying to use it.

Автор: Dr Deo Размещён: 09.11.2017 12:15

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OS is throwing Segmentation fault because you should allocate memory "card" because its a uninitialized pointer pointing to some invalid address.

  so for this add this line :
    before this line 
              newNode->card->value = value; 

and after main() function completed successfully ,it return 0 or 1. As of my knowledge in your case its failing so its returning 1 i.e its returning 1 in 2nd byte which is nothing but 255.

Автор: Achal Размещён: 09.11.2017 05:20
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