What exact difference is between NEON and SIMD instructions in cortex M7

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As per my understanding by referring many links to ARM site i understand Cortex-M7 doesn't support NEON instructions, but host(CORTEX-M7) processor that we are using in our organization specifies "ARM COrtex-M7 with single precision floating point and SIMD operations". Now I am totally out of mind and in confusion. Is there any difference between SIMD and NEON instructions, please can any one explain in detail. Thanks in advance for the good explanation.

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There are some instructions in the basic instruction set that can add and subtract 32-bit wide vectors of 8 or 16 bit integer values and in the ARM marketing material they are referred to as SIMD. NEON on the other hand is a much more capable SIMD implementation that works on 64 or 128 bit wide vectors of 8, 16, or 32 bit integer values and single or double precision floats. In the marketing material NEON is often referred to as "advanced SIMD".

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