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opencart shared order, one cart - multiple customers

opencart e-commerce

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I'm looking for a solution to share an order on opencart. Basically what I need is if I'm in an office and I add to cart a product, to have an url, which I share with my colleagues.

My colleagues will be able to add in the same cart the products they want, While on my screen i see what they added.

Once I see everybody added to the cart, I'll continue placing the order as 1 customer.

Is this possible? Is there any extension for this on opencart (2.3.x)


Автор: Anwar S. Источник Размещён: 09.03.2017 10:28

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This looks like something you might want

Автор: Innervisions Размещён: 09.03.2017 07:11
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