To get more than 5 reviews from google places API

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I am doing an application where I extract the google reviews using google places API.When I read the document related to it in "",I found out that I could get only 5 top reviews.Is there any option to get more reviews.

Автор: Nidhin Источник Размещён: 12.11.2019 09:03

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There is a feature request for that: Issue 7630: Response to Include More Than 5 Reviews ─ I'd recommend you "star" it to receive updates.

Автор: miguev Размещён: 19.09.2016 02:49

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In order to have access to more than 5 reviews with the Google API you have to purchase Premium data Access from Google. That premium plan will grant you access to all sorts of additional data points you have to shell out a pretty penny.

If you are a Business owner wanting to retrieve all of your reviews, you can do so but first you have to get verified and could do this through the MyBusiness API more info here:

Автор: Tekill Размещён: 15.09.2017 06:59

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Unfortunately there's no way to get more than 5 reviews in the places API unless you are the business owner after getting verified as Tekill said. But it looks like there are some external services that can get all the reviews. My guess is that they scrape them from Google Maps directly: Some of these services are Wextractor, ReviewShake and AllReviews

Автор: Pesto D Размещён: 29.09.2019 07:55

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Adding to the answer of @miguev, there's at the moment no way to get more than 5 top reviews without using premium APIs (according to a Google Maps guy I had a talk with) and that's pricey.

Автор: Suyash Dixit Размещён: 21.02.2017 12:58
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