Does Paypal support level 2 credit card processing

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asking this after searching without specific topic/answer.

I am gonna implement paypal express checkout to deal with customers paying by credit card. They request the support of level 2 credit card processing to upload such as customer id. Failing to find right answer in paypal doc or here, I only find ( Submitting Purchasing Card Level 2 and 3 Transactions ) in paypal doc, which I think is not for credit card.( )

Does anybody can help with piece of information/doc ? Very appreciated!

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For the most part, no. PayPal Express Checkout does support some level 2 and level 3 data -- for example, tax amount, shipping ZIP code, line item details, etc.; however, this data is only recorded internally at PayPal and is not passed on to the card issuer.

If you need to submit this data, the Payflow gateway would be the way to go. (The documents that you found on submitting level 2/level 3 data are in regards to the Payflow gateway.) Payflow is a "bring your own bank" product, meaning that you would need to have a processing relationship with a third-party processor first (such as First Data, Chase Paymentech, TSYS, etc.), as well as your own IMA, and ensure that they support level 2/level 3 data first before signing up.

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