What is the difference between Proctractor and Selenium?

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I am in the stage to find out what is Selenium. Its website looks very old. Here is a nodejs version of it.

I also found a good in browser testing solution protractor.

Are they designed to do the same thing? Which one should I use? Why Selenium website is so old, out of favor?

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All tools you mention above like protractor, nightwatch are all based on selenium. If you are looking for a nodejs based solutions you can either directly use WebDriverJS (popularly known as selenium) or use many other frameworks which are developed on top of it. Every framework below offers unique features, you need to pick what works best for you. The basic advantage of using framworks is that they do most of the heavy lifting for you, that way your code is small and maintainable. UI testing is hard, the smaller the code you have the easier it is to maintain

Автор: nilesh Размещён: 22.08.2016 10:59
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