Firefox ESR release is dropping NPAPI support end actually drop?

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When does NPAPI support end for the Firefox ESR releases? I was unable to locate the answer on the Mozilla forums, and Google.

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The long-time projected date for the end of NPAPI support in Firefox is "by the end of 2016", which would mean Firefox 50 or 51.

According to Mozilla's Firefox ESR roadmap, this in turn means ESR would loose NAPI support when it's resynch'ed to Firefox 52, by March 2017.

But developper input on the mailing list indicate that the removal in FF will actually happen a little later, in release 53, and that one reason for delaying the removal is indeed to bring extended support (until May 2018) through FF ESR, for those users who desperately need NPAPI support.

Ghacks has a pretty good article on this topic.

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