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I have an Azure SQL database which has a stored procedures that outputs data in CSV format that I would like to write to a folder on an Azure VM.

Can anyone recommend how I might be able to do it?

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You've got a few options to get data out of sql and into a CSV:


It's free, built in to every Windows Azure VM, and pretty easy to use. The two commandlets you're going to want to use are Invoke-Sqlcmd and Export-CSV.

I found a quick example here.


If your Azure VM is running a SQL instance, you could create a quick SSIS package that calls the procedure and dumps the output into a CSV.


Again, if your Azure VM has SQL on it you could call sqlcmd.exe to spit out your CSV file.

sqlcmd -S MyServer.database.windows.net 
       -d yourdatabase -E -Q "EXEC usp_yourProcedure" 
       -o "MyData.csv" -h-1 -s"," -w 4000

Choose the one that best fits your limitations. If you're not running SQL on that VM, Powershell, or some custom programming will be needed.

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