Render plotly.js graph without GUI freezing (Web Worker?)

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I'm working on an dashboard where users can build their own visualizations (with plotly.js). Sometimes the complexity of these visualizations are resulting in a long rendering time which leads to a freezing Browser UI.

I've already created web-workers for other tasks in my dashboard. Maybe there is a way of rendering plotly.js graphs in a web-worker and return them to the main thread?

I know that there is no DOM/Canvas ability in web-workers. But maybe there is trick or you know a better way to prevent GUI freezing? Maybe outsourcing rendering to server with phantomjs (I've never used it so it is just a guess that it could work with pjs).

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A possible solution for your problem could be the OffscreenCanvas API:

You can access this API from a worker and maybe also use it directly with the library you mentioned.

But as browser support is really bad and (at least in Firefox, I don't know how it currently is with other browsers, 2d canvas context is not supported (but if you use a library which uses WebGL that wouldn't be an issue).

As an alternative, you could use a pure javascript polyfill (it's a re-implementation) of canvas which works in WebWorkers: It's worth mentioning that this way no hardware acceleration is appliable.

In combination, a good solution could be created.

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