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Is it possible to get the name of the city and put that one into an array of strings from the user location, using Mapkit? I already know how to get the user location so you dont have to go into that.

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Yes you can with using CLGeocoder class try to use this code

 CLGeocoder().reverseGeocodeLocation(CLLocation(latitude: newCoordinates.latitude, longitude: newCoordinates.longitude),             
     completionHandler: {(placemarks, error) -> Void in

            if error != nil {
                print("Reverse geocoder failed with error" + error!.localizedDescription)

            if placemarks!.count > 0 {
                let pm = placemarks![0]

                let c = pm.locality // city of place mark 

            else {
                annotation.title = "Unknown Place"
                print("Problem with the data received from geocoder")
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