Preload a couple of models to the result of Repo.all

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I have a function from a third-party library which returns data from a db:

cars = get_all_cars #third-party function 

Internally it does something like Repo.all(from c in Car). I want to preload 2 models associated with the model Car. I could do this

`Repo.all(from c in Car, preload: [:driver, :driver_to_car])`

but I don't have access and don't want to change the source code of get_all_cars. How can I do this then?

Note that Car and Driver has many to many relationship.

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You can pass a struct or list of structs to Repo.preload/3:

cars = get_all_cars |> Repo.preload([:driver, :driver_to_car])

This would function identical to your example code.

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