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I'm new to clojurescript/reagent and am testing out ideas for a media display app. At the moment I'm having problems with a few more specific elements of including html5 media components on my page and using their full features.

Example - including #t=10,10 at the end of a video source string(referenced here will sometimes work but only take the end range value. Same video element - using any attributes that aren't true/false will break compilation. e.g :preload auto doesn't work whereas :fullscreen false does.

Is there a clojurescript way to handle these elements or is this more js interop territory?

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Since clojurescript will be compiled to JS eventually. Everything JS can do..clojurescript could do it equally well.

your "sometime work" issues are related to the nature of ReactJS ( Reagent is a wrapper of ReactJS ). Generally, you need to obtain the dom node of video tag to use most of the video tag's features.

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You should provide the minimum case to produce the problem, so others could help you.

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