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I have a simple message bot that was set up according to the Messenger Platform guide. It has been working fine for the last few months, with about half a dozen messages sent a day. I have not touched it at all, but suddenly, sending a message, ie calling, returns:

{"message":"(#230) Requires pages_messaging_subscriptions permission to manage the object","type":"OAuthException","code":230,"fbtrace_id":"DVs...."}

This was out of the blue. Things were working fine, I did not even log on to Facebook during this time, and I haven't even looked at my webhook callback website. But some time from Aug 17 onward, this exception was returned for every attempted message send.

Has something changed? Anyway, I could not find a subscription field by the name pages_messaging_subscriptions in the Webhooks Page Subscription page.

What do I need to get my message bot to work again?

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August 15 was Updater Messenger Platform Policies. official post in blog

Now, to send a message a day after the activity of the user is necessary to request additional permission in the application settings. screenshot of settings

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