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I want to know about method chaining. Recently I have used method chaining in Laravel, it's working fine.

My Model name was Posts so when I want to select all names from posts it returns all names.


And when I call below function to get one records it gives only one record.


I want to implement same scenario in my own class. I have a class of image uploading.

If I will upload only a file, it will be


But If I upload image with resize and watermark.

Image::upload('pic')->resize(200, 300)->addwatermark('image/logo.png');

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Basically your methods must do : "return $this;" once treatment is done :

public function upload(){
    //do something

    return $this;

public function resize(){
    //do something

    return $this;

public function watermark(){
    //do something

    return $this;
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