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I need to filter a message text, basically the message text shouldn't contain a phone number. which means i need to check if there is a continues pattern or series of numbers in a string. i'm doing this in codeigniter. now i'm using following type of code to do this,

if (preg_match_all( "/[0-9]/", $msg ) >= 7) {
   $status = 'pending';
   $read = 'no';

what it does is count all the numeric characters in the message text and if count is greater than 7 its not passing trough. but i need to check if there is a continues number / a phone number. please help.

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Assuming phone number to be of 7 continuous digits at least, you can use negative lookbehind like


Regex Demo

PHP Code

$re = "/^(?!.*\\d{7}).*/m"; 
$str = "1234567\n123456\n12345673536"; 

preg_match_all($re, $str, $matches);

Ideone Demo

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