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I'm working on an app in Appcelerator, using alloy. I want to use in my application in order to receive live data from an API.

I've never used socket before. So, I just want to know how to include

I've tried installing the through npm command. And also included a file.

But when I use var io = require('').listen(80); I'm unable to get the socket library.

Please help. Thanks.

Автор: Amaresh Beuria Источник Размещён: 19.07.2016 07:36

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OK! I did what I wanted using webView. Included the script and it worked like charm.

<script src=""></script>

Автор: Amaresh Beuria Размещён: 19.07.2016 04:10

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You could also use tiws (iOS/Android) for creating native websockets, without WebViews.

Автор: Patrick De Marta Размещён: 14.08.2016 04:21
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