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Using global variables in HTML/CSS, is it possible?

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Let me try and explain what I mean here.... I have a lot of images on my page, and different paths where they are stored.

<img src="what/ever/folder/pic01.jpg">
<img src="and/even/longer/path/name/pic09.jpg">
<img src="what/ever/folder/pic01.jpg">
<img src="and/even/longer/path/name/pic09.jpg">

etc... they are scattered all over the long page

Would it be possible with CSS or HTML or.. to make a variable containing each path, and then use that in the HTML?

PATH01 = 'what/ever/folder/'
PATH02 = 'and/even/longer/path/name/'

And then do the images, styles etc..

<img src={PATH01}"pic01.jpg">

Or something like that? (am I making any sense?`hehe)

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HyperText Markup Language, commonly abbreviated as HTML, is the standard markup language

This means that here are no vars in html. But there a lot of html server-side processors like php,node.js etc which can give you result you are looking for.

PHP example:

$path01 = 'some/path/';

<img src="<?=$path01?>pic01.jpg">
<img src="<?php echo $path01?>pic01.jpg">
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No you can't do that using purely HTML or CSS. You could however do something like that using javascript or the server language of your choice.

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good question, <base> is what you are looking for

Specify a default URL and a default target for all links on a page


in your case

<img src="what/ever/folder/pic01.jpg">

can be written in

<base href="http://whatever.com/what/ever/folder" />
<img src="pic01.jpg">

but <base> is a unique element in single page, which means you can have only one ENV variable set.

p.s. 99% of time we use html template system (php, jsp or react.js, handlebars) to solve this kind of problem in real life

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