JavaScript read all text from txt file on Google drive or Dropbox

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I would like to use JavaScript to read the entire content of a txt file on Google Drive or Dropbox into a string variable. I've seen similar questions, but I would like to have it done purely with JavaScript. I have already tried some ways, but I keep getting "XMLHttpRequest cannot load ... no 'access-control-allow-origin' " and "Failed to execute 'send' " errors. I would also like to do this without any external APIs or installations.

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Here is a javascript function to download text file from Google Drive. Using fetch API.

  function get_doc(id){
    const url = ''+id+'?alt=media'
    var setHeaders = new Headers();
    setHeaders.append('Authorization', 'Bearer ' + authToken.access_token);
    setHeaders.append('Content-Type', mime);

    var setOptions = {
        method: 'GET',
        headers: setHeaders
        .then(response => { if(response.ok){
        var reader = response.body.getReader();
        var decoder = new TextDecoder();{
            var data = {}
            data = decoder.decode(result.value, {stream: !result.done});
        console.log("Response wast not ok");
  })  .catch(error => {
        console.log("There is an error " + error.message);

Refer here in case of Google Docs file.

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s007 answer works pretty ok but I have no idea why it doesn't return all texts in the file (some got trimmed). Below I use the files.get function from google drive javascript api. So this works after you authenticate.

this.readFile = function(fileId,callback){
    var request ={
      fileId: fileId,
      alt: 'media'
        console.log(response); //response.body has the text content of the file
        if (typeof callback === "function") callback(response.body); 
    return request; //for batch request
Автор: phuwin Размещён: 17.04.2018 10:53
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