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java arraylist equals

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Let this be a definition of a matrix:

private List<<List<Object>> lines;

public boolean equals(Object o){
         return true;
      if((o==null) || (this.getClass()!=o.getClass()))
         return false;
      Matrix m = (Matrix) o;
      return ????;

how can I compare all those lines and columns.

Can I just use

return this.lines.equals(o.getLines());



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More or less, though that exact code doesn't quite work.

From the List.equals javadoc:

Returns true if and only if the specified object is also a list, both lists have the same size, and all corresponding pairs of elements in the two lists are equal. (Two elements e1 and e2 are equal if (e1==null ? e2==null : e1.equals(e2)).)

You can indeed use this method to determine equality, but you need to cast o first. This is a safe cast because you already checked the class (though you might consider using instanceof Matrix instead).

return this.lines.equals(((Matrix)o).getLines());
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