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We are using chrome 35.0 via kiosk mode for client`s browsing on specific URL.

Chrome.exe --kiosk

But looks like it can be bypass by anyone when on opening new tab with shortcut Ctrl +T We would like to disable it or any other creative idea to disable the ability to open a new tab by the user.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Автор: Oz Bar-Shalom Источник Размещён: 18.07.2016 05:40

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There was not easy way to do that. And all the extentions did not work well.. So I found a creative solution: On the extentions page, go to the bottom of the page and click shortcuts.

Define a new shortcut for an extention that do almost nothing or no any effect and set it to 'ctrl + t'

solved my problem !

Автор: Oz Bar-Shalom Размещён: 18.07.2016 06:19
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