How Load a Huge/heavy scene smoothly in Unity3d

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I have a very very Big/Huge scene to load and I can't load it at once.

What I have tried so far is I divided the scene into multiple scenes and loading it into async manner as my character controller move. I am moving my character controller and accordingly loading (its near)scenes by matching its position. But it is not smooth. . .

How do I load big scene smoothly? what will be the strategy? Is this right strategy which I am doing or there is any other feasible and easy to use solution available.?

Автор: Muhammad Faizan Khan Источник Размещён: 18.07.2016 11:59

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Try separate your scene into small chunks. When you move your character - just load new chunks and unload old. For example, this strategy uses minecraft.

You can't decrease loading time to zero milliseconds, but loading will be smooth. You can use chunks about 5x5x5 meters. And load from manager with coroutines.

Don't forget to use object pool pattern (because Instantiate it very costly) :)


For example, this way use in plugins:

Uniblocks Voxel Terrain

MapMagic World Generator

Also, this plugins uses open world generation from 2d/3d noises (Perlin noise, etc.)

Автор: Radomyr Slaboshpitskyi Размещён: 01.09.2016 09:50
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