And this is my work so far: function testfunc() { var testnr = document.getElementById("test").value" />

Replace comma with dot in a input Javascript

javascript onchange comma

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How to replace automatically all commas from a input with dots?

I have this input:

<input type="text" id="test" onChange="testfunc()"> </input>

And this is my work so far:

function testfunc() {
  var testnr = document.getElementById("test").value;
  testnr = testnr.replace(/,/g, '.');
Автор: Hodorogea Alexandru Источник Размещён: 18.07.2016 11:36

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it's not been assigned back to the value of the input after doing the replacement

Автор: jedi58 Размещён: 18.07.2016 11:39

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Assign it to the DOM element, not the same variable

function testfunc() {
  var testnr = document.getElementById("test").value;
  document.getElementById("test").value = testnr.replace(/,/g, '.');
Автор: Raman Sahasi Размещён: 18.07.2016 11:39

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testnr will store the value, so this testnr = testnr.replace(/,/g, '.'); will only change the value without changing the ÌNPUT, please try this:

<input type="text" id="test" onchange="this.value = this.value.replace(/,/g, '.')"/>
Автор: Ismail RBOUH Размещён: 18.07.2016 11:42

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check this fiddle it will suggest you to do



var testnr = document.getElementById("test").value;
testnr = testnr.replace(' ', '.');


<input type="text" id="test" value="abcd efgh"> </input>
Автор: aditya Размещён: 18.07.2016 11:43

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you can do it in much simpler way if its just one input element

<input type="text" onChange="this.value=this.value.replace(/,/g, '.');"/>

if there are multiple elements you want to apply this function to , then use in this style

<input type="text" onChange="myFunction(this)"/>

function myFunction(e) {
    e.value=e.value.replace(/,/g, '.')
Автор: abhirathore2006 Размещён: 18.07.2016 11:54
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