Remove the Week Number for sap.ui.unified.Calendar


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The sap.ui.unified.Calendar has a week number next to the first day of the week (sunday), this month shows how it may confuse users.

enter image description here

There doesnt seem to be an easy way to configure its visibility.

I can hide it with a hack, but leaves a gap

.sapUiCalWeekNum {
   color: #fff !important;

Anybody have a better way of hiding the week number? (other than islamic calendar)

Автор: Jasper_07 Источник Размещён: 18.07.2016 09:05

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.sapUiCalWeekNum { display : none }
.sapUiCalMonthView .sapUiCalFirstWDay { margin-left : 6.75% }

The first selector removes the week days -- leaving the space indeed since it's a span, not a div :-( The second selector evens the space between left margin and right margin (the standard left-margin is 12.5% so this makes it even)

Автор: Qualiture Размещён: 18.07.2016 09:24

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As of UI5 version 1.48, there is a property showWeekNumbers which is enabled by default. When disabled, the week numbers are gone:

SAPUI5 sap.ui.unified.Calendar without week numbers

Автор: Boghyon Hoffmann Размещён: 28.01.2018 08:04
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