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Some of my doxygen documentation need to refer to pages in the company's wiki. I would prefer if these references resulted in working hypertext links in the generated documentation. I could of course achieve this by writing:

/// <a href="http:://">Name of page</a>

or alternatively using Markdown syntax:

/// [Name of wiki page](

Unfortunately I have to give the full URL at every link in both cases, and when (as has already happened) the base URL of our company/wiki changes, all the URLs needs updating.

I therefore wonder if Doxygen has some support to avoid having to hardcode the entire URL at every link?

For comparison, wikis use "InterMap" or "InterWiki", to define prefixes that allow a shorthand notation for quickly referring to pages on another web site. Example:

See WikiPedia:InterWiki_Links for more details.

So if possible I would like to let the Doxygen documentation contain something like:

// See CompanyWiki:Name_of_wiki_page for bla bla

Some references:

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You could define an alias in the config file:

ALIASES += WikiPedia{2}="<a href=\"\1\">\2</a>"

and then use it in your comments like so

See \WikiPedia{InterWiki_Links,Interwiki Links} for more details.

See also for more info.

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