Partial Update Support on Azure DocumentDb with MongoDB protocol

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Does the "Azure DocumentDB with protocol support for MongoDB" which is in preview support partial update of data?

I have seen in documentation that DocumentDb that does not support. But could not find any information on this.

Автор: Libin Joseph Источник Размещён: 18.07.2016 05:28

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Yes, even though it's not supported for direct to DocumentDB API, when using the MongoDB protocol support, incremental operations are supported. Here is confirmation on the Azure page, in particular, "This includes support for field, array, bitwise and isolation updates as specified by MongoDB Update operator specification. For the Update operators that need multiple document manipulations, DocumentDB provides full ACID semantics with snapshot isolation."

Автор: Larry Maccherone Размещён: 18.07.2016 03:07

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DocumentDB (Cosmos) does support partial updates via stored procedure. Not sure why this isn't more widely documented.

We use the update operator provided in Cosmos DB samples on github via the DocumentDB API. Sending in the document ID and corresponding command ($push, $set, etc.) provides similar functionality to Mongo partial updates and makes for much better performance and use of RUs (request units).

Автор: SliverNinja - MSFT Размещён: 14.07.2017 02:12
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