How to use Javascript to add multiple style properties to one element?

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I've tried various renditions of this code to try and change a certain element for a coding exercise but non of them seems to be able to change multiple styling properties of an element on a button click. Would love some assistance. Thanks!

document.getElementById("Combo Style").onclick = function() { document.getElementById ("More Text").style.fontSize.color = "50px , #BB65C5"; }

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To achieve your expected result use setAttribute

<button id="Combo Style">Change</button>
<div id="More Text">abcd</div>


document.getElementById("Combo Style").onclick = function() {
  document.getElementById("More Text").setAttribute("style", "font-size:50px;color:red;");


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You need to grab the element by using id or any selector and use style property or css text property to apply css. Check the below code -

    var element=document.getElementById("More Text");"20px";"red";"blue";

You can also use cssText property, like -

document.getElementById("More Text").style.cssText='fontSize="20px";color="red";'

This will insert an inline style tag in the element with the csstext property.

Автор: Ujjwal Kumar Gupta Размещён: 18.07.2016 06:25
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