Does ADFS 3.0 honor the Subject attribute sent in SAML Request?

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According to the SAML2.0 specification, the service provider can send the Subject value in the SAML request, it sends to the IDP. This informs the IDP about the identity, the service provider needs to authenticate. But IDP has right either to honor either honor this or not. I am looking to know if ADFS honor this.

We are looking for a way to skip asking user to enter username at ADFS authentication, if the SAML request already contained it as Subject attribute.

Автор: Pushpalanka Источник Размещён: 17.07.2016 10:13

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I found the answer later. ADFS does not honor Subject attribute in this manner as of now.

Автор: Pushpalanka Размещён: 29.07.2017 01:21
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