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I use requestExportSessionForVideo for exporting video located in iPhone to document directory.

I gave options and exportpreset to export the exactly same video saved in camera roll.

But the result is little bit different. When I compare it with beyond compare it has difference especially in metadata.

How could I export video which exactly same as the video in camera roll?


I gave a exportPreset option as AVAssetExportPresetPassthrough and for PHVideoRequestOptions, I gave PHVideoRequestOptionsDeliveryModeAutomatic or PHVideoRequestOptionsDeliveryModeHighQualityFormat but didn't work.


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It's not clear but I think exporting video from the camera roll does not guarantee fetching same video in every time. So I copied the video from camera roll to my document folder with url (avurlasset.URL) by [NSFileManager copyItemAtURL:toURL:error:] then it copies the same video in every time. For now it is my final solution.


Please have a look "Exporting video using PhotoKit (PHAsset) gives different video file every time"

Автор: Hwangho Kim Размещён: 18.07.2016 12:07
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