Creating laravel apps without internet connection


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Does laravel 5.1 work without internet connection? I like to create a laravel new application when i execute laravel new test (with intenet connection) it works well; but when i execute similar command in the same directory (new anotherName) without internet connection it doesn't work and the nest error message is shown

  Error creating resource. [url] [type]  
   2 [message] fopen( failed to open s  
  tream: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not kn  
  own [file] /home/<Myname>/.composer/vendor/guzzlehttp/guzzle/src/Adapter/Str  
  eamAdapter.php [line] 367 

Is there a solution because i can't work online always?

Автор: Slimane MEHARZI Источник Размещён: 12.11.2019 09:27

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When you use the laravel installer it fetches the latest version from the server. One solution would be to initialise a Laravel project, then add it to git version control and then when offline checkout the project to a new folder. You'd have to manually choose a new app key (I think). You will also not be able to composer require or npm install any new packages while offline.

Once you have created it though it should run offline (unless your views are sourcing assets from, say, bootstrap or jQuery CDNs).

Автор: tristan Размещён: 19.10.2015 11:46
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