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The following code should find the appropriate project tag and remove it from the XmlDocument, however when I test it, it says:

The node to be removed is not a child of this node.

Does anyone know the proper way to do this?

public void DeleteProject (string projectName)
    string ccConfigPath = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ConfigPath"];

    XmlDocument configDoc = new XmlDocument();


    XmlNodeList projectNodes = configDoc.GetElementsByTagName("project");

    for (int i = 0; i < projectNodes.Count; i++)
        if (projectNodes[i].Attributes["name"] != null)
            if (projectName == projectNodes[i].Attributes["name"].InnerText)


Fixed. I did two things:

XmlNode project = configDoc.SelectSingleNode("//project[@name='" + projectName + "']");

Replaced the For loop with an XPath query, which wasn't for fixing it, just because it was a better approach.

The actual fix was:


Thanks Pat and Chuck for this suggestion.

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Instead of



Автор: Pat Размещён: 21.08.2008 05:38

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Автор: Jason Размещён: 21.08.2008 05:39

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Looks like you need to select the parent node of projectNodes[i] before calling RemoveChild.

Автор: Chuck Размещён: 21.08.2008 05:41

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Is it possible that the project nodes aren't child nodes, but grandchildren or lower? GetElementsByTagName will give you elements from anywhere in the child element tree, IIRC.

Автор: Greg Hurlman Размещён: 21.08.2008 05:34

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When you get sufficiently annoyed by writing it the long way (for me that was fairly soon) you can use a helper extension method provided below. Yay new technology!

public static class Extensions {
    public static XmlNode RemoveFromParent(this XmlNode node) {
        return (node == null) ? null : node.ParentNode.RemoveChild(node);
Автор: Eugene Ryabtsev Размещён: 20.06.2012 09:43

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It would be handy to see a sample of the XML file you're processing but my guess would be that you have something like this


The error message seems to be because you're trying to remove <project> from the grandparent rather than the direct parent of the project node

Автор: David Hayes Размещён: 21.08.2008 05:37